Sunday, January 31, 2010

Feeling In My Stomach On A Roller Coaster Drop Roller Coaster Drop Stomach Feeling?

Roller coaster drop stomach feeling? - feeling in my stomach on a roller coaster drop

Why do you think stinging / tingling sensation in the stomach, if you are on a roller coaster that take a strong downturn? Previously I have this feeling every time he went into free fall, the mountains or hills, like Splash Mountain Disneyland have. And I love her! The "gut feelings have," the fun part of the roller coaster for me. But recently I have with these feelings no more! So I can ride any roller coaster or ride terrifying free fall without feeling anything, I'm very excited, because he has all the fun of racing. Can anyone explain why this has happened and if I can do anything to get the "feeling of it," stomach "back? Thanks


knowital... said...

It is a little thing called G. G is the force that pushes against the body does not provide their addresses. If you catch my drift. The really very funny. This feeling, that means that you do not get tangled in lol. You see the same for their airplanes, if you are a good height and tingling up and down the belly. Its just the power that is pressed against her belly and / or other body parts is not necessary to talk.

Jmac said...

One of the two reasons I can think of.

1. A change in weight? If you have lost or gained weight, you mess with the amount of negative acceleration that you have a case, then you do not have the same feeling you get.

2. So used. If you eat fatty foods, once daily for a week after the day 5 or 6, that food should not be so bitter. It's the same with your body. If you hit a lot, then the time will not hurt, as it in the first place. You need a lot of turns with big drops, it will eventually get used to the feeling and not be as strong as it used to feel

These two are the only things that I can reach, I hope this helps:)

me! said...

I can not roller coasters, because the feeling! It makes me feel sick inside, and I'm scared! Even Splash Mountain was too much for me and now I can not with the cups of tea! I think you have to overcome alone, he experienced so many times before.

blahblab... said...

The same thing happened to me ... I miss the feeling of

Mrknowit... said...

I used it when I was a kid, I had to do with weight and how old you sure that your stomach is stronger.

The best thing to do but cry tears that feeling again / when the ride should tighten flex up and down / abdominal muscles, it works.

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