Saturday, February 20, 2010

Anal Hernia Pictures I Have All Of The Sudden Been Experiencing Pain In My Anal Area. The Pain I Experience Is A Sharp Pain.?

I have all of the sudden been experiencing pain in my anal area. The pain I experience is a sharp pain.? - anal hernia pictures

Sometimes the pain comes when I do normal activities. Other times, when I try to do, and I do my muscles. When I try to defecation and the feeling as if it was not anything. Hard to explain, I apologize. I am a little congested, and realized that my hand was injured. However, the acute pain last few weeks. The pain only lights up like a knife piercing my belly under the testicles. I fear that I might have a hernia, or it could be clogged. Is there a doctor who can help me? But I would ask you, before the doctor.

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